Thursday, March 4, 2010

March March March......

This is the month of year that never goes by just fast enough. March has mood swings like none other. Some days are spring, some days are winter. I just wish it would make up its mind. In March, at my school, we have no breaks at all. We have school, everyday, all day. No early outs, or days off! AHH Crazy! I dedicate this month to Student Government! (Seriously) Almost every Saturday we have something for it! It is intense! ALL GETTING READY FOR THE BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE.... WASHINGTON DC!!! Oh my I cannot wait at all for it! It will be worth every minute I spend working to get money for it! (Let's hope that works out good...) I also have 6 more events to go to by the end of the term... stressed much? I just know I am going to want to spend a moment for myself with some of my good friends again. Lets hope that happens. On a good note, at least this month is busy so it will hopefully go by fast! Here is what I've got going for me until Washington DC.....

March 5- I have to do this photo shoot with Head, Louie and Lydia for Digital Photo. Hopefully that will turn out way sweet
March 6- Walkie turns 7! Can you believe it? Probably, but I can't. I also have this service thing for student government
March 8- Spring Concert, must go for event
March 12/13- I have to go to Nationals so I have an event for StudGov, also... the 13 I have a garage sale and I have to work at my neighbors wedding thing.
March 18- Culture Night @ Timpview (Student Government thing again :) )
March 19- END OF TERM!!!!!
March 24- Maddox turns 6!
March 27- Car Wash for fundraising
April 2- MORP, hopefully Max will say yes :)

Yes, Then I have to figure out all my events, which is stressful. But after everything I have a feeling this will feel good to be done and I will feel accomplished. I am so excited for April that I hope this goes by fast enough! Spring is coming. I just cannot wait for summer. Summer is so great. I have a feeling its going to be here so fast. YAY!!!!

THE END. I am done blogging about nothing.

This has been a diary of a troubled teen.

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