Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Favorite Moments of 2009

2009 had its ups and downs but I really did love it so much! Overall it was a pretty fantastic year!
December-Celebrating the last day of the year with Mady and Emily! I love them!
December- Dollar Store Night/ Gift Exchange. I love these guys. Such a great night.
November- Thanksgiving Break with Ellen. Sundance Cabin, hanging out with Cullen, Football games and more...
November- Sadie Hawkins Dance in my khaki pants -- There is nothing better! OH OH OH!
November- My Birthday was a good day this year. I enjoyed it a lot, like a lot.
October- Halloween was the best. Especially my surprise party!
October- Fall Break... me and Jamie... We partied.
October- UVU leadership day. Me, Cariel and Taylor had a party that day
September- Homecoming. That was epic. Look at my face art.
September- Football Games. Me and Lydia went to every home sophomore game! (of course she isn't in this picture hahaha)
August- We went boating before school started. So fun
August- This is the night we went star gazing.... nuff said.
August- Me and Lauren went to California. OH MY GOSH... best trip ever. We went to Wicked and went night bowling, swimming, the beach, Uncle John's house.... and more. So great.
July- So there was this one week where me and Emily did something together every single day for a week. We went to Cowabunga Bay, slept on the turf, drove around a round-a-bout 126 times, went chalking.... Oh my good week.
July- Harry Potter Six was epic. I waited in line for hours, the power went off in the middle of it and I saw Dom Dom from EFY.
July- Me and Wendy at West Side Story.... hahahahah we went to so many plays during summer
June- Oh my girls camp. That was so fun. I loved the 4th year hike!
June- Tanner and CJ left on their missions. This is me and CJ after his farewell!
May- This day I got stuck at Cowabunga Bay in Draper for 2 hours by myself. I really had an adventure waiting for work to start!
May- Me and Lydia had a pretty fun year. We had half our classes together and just really got to become such great friends!
May- Oh the memories of this night... We walked around for 4 hours talking, made our names our of cheetos and went to Red Mango. I love Paige
May- Ok this is the day we went to McKann's house and played Apples to Apples... That was such a fun night!
April- My Brothers mission call... Maryland Baltimore Mission!
March- Oh my, me Wendy and Paige... GOOD TIMES
March- Girls Night... That was the best!
February- This is the day we went laser tagging. Oh my I was so bad at that game
February- Valentines Day (We are such girls!)
January- Me and Christian on his birthday and random floating stick
January...This was one of the best nights in my life. This picture is SO funny!

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