Saturday, March 20, 2010

Movie Review?......Ok!!!

So last night me and some friends (who are great must I add) decided to watch two scary movies.

The first one was called "Darkness Falls"

It all started when Sicily told us that it was about the tooth fairy. The tooth fairy who goes around and kills kids. Basically, the beginning was so freaky. This boy lost his last tooth and peeked and the tooth fairy lady came and she tried to kill him but he went in the light. (Oh yeah, no dark for the tooth fairy, she got burned in a fire and is sensitive to light) She did manage to kill his mother and everyone thought he had killed his mother. So they sent him away. -- I forgot to mention the part where this girl just breaks into his room before the tooth fairy lady comes. He asks her to the dance, they kiss, and she says she already told her mom to drive them. They were like 10 . It was weird. Any way, 12 years later the boy with the dead mom and tooth fairy lady going after him, lives in a house with light all over and he takes all these drugs. Of course the girl has a brother who just lost his last tooth and peeked so fairy lady is going after him.

Basically, yeah the whole movie goes on and they are trying to stay out of the dark. Of course it got lame the second the boys got there. They thought we were freaks! That movie ended and Ben predicted the whole thing so it kinda ruined the ending. hahaha. Oh well.

Then we wanted to watch "The Grudge".

So Lydia, Josh and I went to my house to get it. So that movie was... funny. I had seen it so it was not scary and boys usually don't think movies are scary. So me and the boys were just laughing at Lydia and CF freaking out the whole time. Oh that was great. I am pretty sure Lydia broke Rickey's ear. Ok seriously "The Grudge" is like the funniest movie ever. Some blue asian making a weird noise to kill you, pretty strange. It's funnier if you've seen Scary Movie 4. Or when Josh just keeps saying the funniest things.

Overall, it was a pretty great time last night. Being half scared/ half laugh, it was great. I love my friends. That was definitely a party. I know, we are cool, all of this was at the Mayor's house. :)

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