Sunday, August 14, 2011

days go by

There has just been something about the last few days. Somewhat good, somewhat bad. I don't know.

Here's to the last few days of my life--

  • Yogurtland with Shannon and Blonde haired, wannabe Mayson, Lauren
  • Talking to Aaron. Have you ever known someone who no matter what mood you are in, they can make you laugh? That's Aaron. 
  • Looking at cars with my father
  • SANDWICHES!!! Only my favorite food. Probably. I love love love love love sandwiches. 
  • Hobby Lobby with Lydia. We are going to be the cutest house wives in the world and the most obnoxious house wives ever. I can't believe we didn't get kicked out.
  • Working and getting my life cleaned up
  • My left ear doesn't work unless you pull on it.
  • Getting my physical-- cookie dough, taquitos, and L-Fabes
  • Being the ONLY kid in Sunday School. Luckily Hannah and Megan came late
  • The awkward moment when the Bishop came to set our new presidency apart and it took about 5 minutes to explain to Hannah and Megan that we were getting a new presidency. 
  • Anne Olson's "OH CRAP" when the Bishop walked in.
  • The class singing "Scripture Power" and the bishop walks in AGAIN.
  • Sleeping for hours then remembering how I was taught in Seminary not to lounge around all Sunday. Oops. 
  • L-Fabes new ringtone-- 'Hallelujah Chorus'-- her name in my phone is God. Classic.  
Looking forward to Stud Gov camp tomorrow and PRE-REGION on THURSDAY!!!!

Thank you XC. Thank you.


  1. Pre-region's on thursday?!?!? What the? What time? I want to come.

  2. I was always the only kid in Sunday School :)