Sunday, August 7, 2011

are we human?

I once heard (and don't ask me where, I honestly cannot remember)...

"We are not humans having spiritual experiences, we are spirits having human experiences"

Holy freak yes, exactly. Whether it's running a ragnar and wanting to die, or getting your heart broken, or having an ear infection--it's just temporary, that's just a list of human experiences we feel. Worrying about college, the yearbook, ACT scores, who is going to ask you to Homecoming/if you will be asked--it's human, and it's pointless (i mean, all of those things are in the near future, but not close enough to panic.) And as we have all of these human experiences, we tend to forget that we are truly spirits of a living God. We turn so human, it's robotic. So when you think about all those times your Sunday School, YM/YW leader, Seminary Teacher, and possibly even parents have drawn that line on the board and then fill one little dot on the line representing out lives,  truly think about really how short life is. 

We need to live it up.

But not only that, when we have those moments when we just feel like dying and wanting to cry, we need to keep going. Just because you have run a mile, and the start of the next one is rough, maybe even uphill, maybe even on 9th east for what seems like eternity, you will finish that course, and you will realize that you have millions of miles ahead. But don't worry, we don't need to breathe in Heaven. 9th east sounds worth it if you know that afterwords you can run as many miles and be free and out of pain. 

But you got to make it past the hard part, or you will never make it to the good one.