Monday, August 29, 2011

at the end of the day

Some days you just scream "Bennett" down the hall and no one understands what the heck is going on. Then you need to go into the locker room, put all of your stuff all over the floor, whine a little, cry a little, scream a little. Moments when you can't put your shoes on by yourself, so you just helplessly lay there on the ground until someone comes and puts them on for you. Then you freak out a little more, scare half of your team, and make the other half laugh. Then go on a run, run up some hills, do some abs and maybe a handful of push ups. Some days you just steal someone's water bottle, and grab a huge bag of ice just to eat. Then maybe someone buys you a Jamba Juice and some Great Harvest Bread.

. . . and then you feel all better.

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