Wednesday, October 27, 2010

oh what a day. . .

It started with a chair.

(If you know that movie, I love you)

But that is not the point. It actually started in English (I'd say) Tuesday afternoon. (which was yesterday but feels like it was three years ago)

Mady and I were circling words in our Huck Finn book that stood out to us. It was so funny. We would just have these conversations through words on a book. That was entertaining.

That night was Ingrid Michaelson.

Started with a rush to get there. We waited in the freezing cold line for an hour and a half.

Then the opening band took forever to get started. Then they did and they were super good. (yet, we all waited in anticipation for Ingrid) They sang Creep. Man, I love that song.

So then Ingrid started. Can I just say that she is basically my new favorite person ever? She is so funny, chill, amazing, and talented. I loved every minute she was on stage. It was a dream come true.

Come out of the concert, snowing. BOO!!!

Then seminary today, I told my whole class about problems and they helped me. (although it was a hypothetical story. . . . hehehe is it bad to lie in Seminary?

Then math was math. In Psychology we did a meditation thing. That was rocking, I slept.

Yearbook was the best day ever. Every little thing was hilarious. Mr. Sutherland. Singing the Preamble song over and over and over again. Eating ice cream. Dancing to "Don't Stop Believing". Man I loved it so so so so much.

Then I went to Mady's house for a little. We watched Maury for a little. HAHAHA pure entertainment. "I was just with her to get me a double cheeseburger with extra sauce" "I COULD'VE FED YOU!" haha GOLDEN.

Then the Golf Team pics. oh man, pure delight. We waited there for like an hour before we took them. Then Master Ward asked what we did that day so we told him about Maury and he told us about how he filmed for them one time. I got a real kick out of that. Then all the golf boys seriously struggle to get a decent picture. They all are such boys. They couldn't put their hands right, or look normal. You think I would just get annoyed but me and Mads are in such great moods that it just made us laugh. I feel like a mom and all her children. All I wanted was one decent picture and one person ruins it every time. But that was funny. Everything today was funny. Pretty much everything. I am in a great mood.

Oh gosh, what a good couple of days. seventeen, six days. :)

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