Saturday, October 9, 2010

46 Amazing Days: My Cross Country Season

9:55.2   29:45.40  

That was my first race.

9:55.2 Thats the minutes per mile. 

My next races were around 29-30 minutes

I never ever thought I could do it. 

Murray Race was good.

8:36.4   26:39

I felt like a champion. I never suspected such improvement.

My next races weren't as good, in the 28 minute range.

Cedar was good.


Improvement again. Cedar was a good course. I enjoyed it a ton.

Region. Region. Region.

8:22   25:07.6

The beginning of the season, I was just a girl who ran cross country, by the end, I am a runner.

All of this in 46 days. And I feel great. 


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  1. MAYSON!!! I am so proud! And I love this post. Yes, I do. :)