Monday, October 18, 2010


Fine- I will admit it, I am stressed.

I have spent the last two years with perfect grades.

Yeah, Lauren, complain a little. I know it bothers you, a ton.

But I have worked SO hard, to have it all ruined.


As some of you might just think of this as a end of term freak out (cough. . .lauren), it is more then that.

My math teacher has been here only half the term. Poor lady had to get surgery and I understand that it sucks for her. But half of a term with substitutes is honestly a very hard thing for me.

Math is my worst subject. Easily. I am ALWAYS worried about math. But I have fallen behind, I am lost.

How on earth will I ever get an A now?

I know this isn't the worst thing in the world, but it's important to me. Very important to me, not my parents. It's the one thing in life I am actually good at, school. I usually fail at everything else.

So I must say, yes, I am stressed. Sorry if it bugs you.

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