Monday, June 4, 2012

all the small things

I walk into my first day of work and saw one of my old friends, Tyler Hill. We talked and found out that we are working in the same department, same shifts, same everything. Later that day, we find out that we are the only two with our 4-10 shift. What are the odds that the one person I knew had the exact same schedule and position as I did?

On Saturday, I planned to go to UVU to open up my UCCU account. I never got around to it, so I decided that after work, I was going to open up my account. In orientation, they told us that if we opened a new UCCU account, because we are Vivint employees, we get $30. I mean, honestly, who doesn't want free $30? I sure was happy that I didn't go on Saturday.

The other day,  Isabella and I went to Sammy's for shakes. Not sure of the reason, the guy gave me $1 off my shake. He just said he wanted to.

While in Office Maxx purchasing ink for my mom, I decided to get a sharpie. After all, they are my favorite. The guy felt generous and gave me 20% off my purchase "just because" so I got another sharpie.

Whether it's a sharpie, or an old friend, or some extra cash, I just love the little coincidences of life. Sometimes they're a pain or embarrassing, but even those turn out to be funny as well. 

Today was just great.

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