Saturday, August 21, 2010

I want to cry

Honestly, I do. Summer homework shouldn't be this bad. The AP english isn't too hard. It is the freaking yearbook assignment. All I have to do is take pictures and make a mini yearbook. It shouldn't be this hard. The whole idea of the assignment isn't that bad, if you had a freaking program on your computer you can make it on. But I don't. So I sit down to do my stupid simple assignment, day after day, and honestly want to cry. It is ridiculous. If I was the type of girl who could cry, I think I would by now. I hate it already. Die school. Die life. Die yearbook assignment. Can I please kill it?

If you know how to help me, feel free to. If you can't, be my fake shoulder to cry on for my fake tears.

The End.

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