Saturday, May 1, 2010

Friday Night Lights :)

So yesterday, I went on the most fun date ever! So around 4 PM I was sitting in my room, curling my hair, really just bored out of my mind. Then I get a phone call. Alex Burdge was calling me!!! My first thought was that maybe I accidently called him, so he was calling me back, I always randomly call him by accident. But then he was like, "Hey Mayson, what are you doing tonight?" So basically he invited me to Friday Night Lights and it was SO MUCH FUN! Well, I was frantically running around my house trying to get ready, but I HAD to go to the mall because my application for fashion team was due that day. So I get to the mall and I had to have an interview. I was seriously freaking out because of time. But I made it back on time and everything worked out great.

I get there, and I get my jersey. I am ready to play! We do all these drills on offense then switch to defense. I was so bad at them, but it was so fun. Christian Covey and Tevia (whose last name I have never learned and I had biology with him for a year last year) were our like team coaches. I loved having them as coaches! It was so fun!! So my favorite was the tackling the things down. I seriously loved it.

I played defensive line man. It was so fun. I was all tough and stuff. Ha I accidently tackled Lydia down, and their team gained 15 yards. Oops... The game was so fun. We won. Sicily, Lani and Allie dominated. They were all so freaking good.

After we had dinner. It was these Teriyaki Burgers and they were SO yummy. I ate 1 and a half. haha, and a lot of gummy bears. Dinner was so much fun.

The best part of the night, was my date. Alex was seriously so great. He opened doors for me, and got my food, kept me warm with his great sweatshirt. :) He was so polite, fun and hilarious.
It was such a great night. I loved it. I was truly happy the whole night! It has been a while since I was truly happy. I needed that night so much. I am so happy I got asked! It was so fun!

Yay for Friday Night Lights!!