Saturday, May 8, 2010

4 hours of sleep= not a good idea

So yesterday was a fun day! I love Emily Curtis, I hope I am aloud to say that. We had a great night. We went to her house. I miss my kitchen, a lot. So I decided to use hers to make cupcakes. More like these mini cake things, yeah. So then Lydia, Shay and Macall came over. They were all ballroomed up. They enjoyed some of my cake. Next Bobby, Cannon and Ben came over. We decided to deliver the cake to some people's houses to be nice. Except, Ben's car didn't have enough room in his car so just me, Emily, Bobby, Cannon and Ben went to deliver the cakes. That took a LONG time. The deliverers, Emily Bobby and Cannon took forever!! Then Ben and I couldn't find them and it was intense! But so much fun. I felt really bad for leaving Lydia, Macall, and Shay. Then Cannon had to go home so we took him. Then we got back to Emily's and decided to have a fire. That was fun. We just made smores and talked and it was just fun. So they stayed... pretty late. Well then Emily and I stayed up and talked with her cool awesome sister Sarah Jane, and then we left Sarah alone and stayed up til 3. Yeah we had to be up at seven for the service project. I am exhausted. Not to mention I get to have the kids all day, so staying awake is a mighty tough job. But SO worth it! I love Emily. I am so happy we got to hang out last night even though I am dying right now. She is such a great friend!! :)

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