Saturday, September 1, 2012

if i had one wish

Sarahlou. Gosh I just love her. She's so dang funny and unique. Everyday I drive passed "Krispy Kremes" and every single day I just want to take her one. I miss her every day appearance in my life. I bought a Little Caesars pizza the other day and I had no one to share it with. Sarah has been a big blessing in my life and I love our friendship. She's such a cutie pie and I love her. I'm bummed I didn't get to see her on her birthday. It's just weird because I feel like it was yesterday that I threw her huge 16th birthday pary and now she's finally an adult. Lou, I love you! Happy Birthday!
Shazz. She's been my best friend since 7th grade. Goodness we've had countless memories together. I love thinking of tiny baby Lalo in 7th grade and our obsession with Keaton Roney. Or the time we went to San Diego and thought we were so cool. How many hundreds of Sundays have I spent in her room just blabing on while eventually she just fell asleep. I could never imagine my life without her. She's just always been there. I love her and I can't wait until all of the future memories we have together. Happy Birthday Shazzy! I freaking love you. 
 Isabella. Bella. Iszy. Giszby. Inspector Giz. (No I have never called her that but now I want to) Haters gonna hate but yes this (now) 15 year old is one of my best friends. Bella and I are just too freaking awesome to not be friends. I remember when I first met 12 year old Iszy. We were sitting in her basement and we instantly became friends. About a year and a half later, it was May 7th, the day I ran a half marathon, I was sitting in her basement yet again. Somehow I brought up yearbook and convinced her to join. (I also convinced Packer that Mayson had a twin and that my name was Dondra, so that's where Dondra comes from) But we've been buddies ever since. She got an email so I could communicate Yerd stuff with her over the summer and somehow we started emailing each other. We have emailed each other funny thing every day for over a year. . She is one of my very best friends. You will never meet a person like Isabella. If you can make her laugh her true laugh, you have accomplished great things in the world. I just love her. She's the little sister I never had. Except I do have a little sister but I didn't get to go to high school with Puffy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELLA. I freaking love you. One more year and you can officially date. Enjoy 15, it's a fun one.

(My computer was broken on Shazz and Louie's birthday so it's a few days late. But luckily it's working just in time for Bellas.)

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