Wednesday, September 5, 2012

a dark world aches for a splash of the sun

I am in survival mode. I went to buy groceries and my wallet was missing somewhere in the world of Walmart. Now my food supply is shrinking. I missed class because I can't park in the parking lot at school because my pass is in said wallet and all of my money is in said wallet so I could not pay a parking ticket even if I wanted to. Plus gas is running low. I can't take the bus because my bus pass is indeed connected to my debit card which is indeed in  my wallet. I can only get $100 from my bank account because I don't have any ID because my ID is most definitely in my wallet. We'll see how long I can make this $100 last. My computer charger is broken so when I went to order a new one on Amazon and of course this one out of a million tines, they want me to verify my card number in order to purchase, so now I am computerless. I've been living off of free cookies at UVU Events (that I was most definitely not invited to, but I sneak cookies at all sorts of events: book signings, courtyard activities, new employee luncheon) and chilling in the Library so I don't have to walk home between now and work at five. I am in survival mode.

Funny, I came across this post today of all days....

"There is someone you can forgive.
There is someone you can thank.
There is someone you can serve and lift."

Life's not so bad, even in survival mode. 

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