Sunday, October 9, 2011

just stay this little

I just want to stop her from growing....
before she gets hurt. before she gets scared. before she's alone.

She's so little. Right now her biggest problems are when someone steals her spot that her friend saved her from the lunch room.....
because in the future it could be someone stealing her heart. 

I want to grab her tight and never let go....
before she allows herself to let somebody else hold her close. 

Right now she puts on dresses to dress up, she has to sneak putting make up on. She is clothed in innocence and laughter....
I don't want her to dress in any other way for any other person besides herself. 

She doesn't need to get caught between any boy drama besides her brothers, she doesn't need to fall in love, she doesn't need to grow. She doesn't need to make life complicated.....

so we'll think of a wonderful thought, take the second star to the left, and enter into Neverland.

"To you everything's funny, you have nothing to regret. I'd give all I'd have honey, if you could stay like that"

She doesn't need to grow up, she has me. That's all a baby sister could need.

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  1. This really is the most wonderful post, quite possibly my favorite of yours. It's beautiful Mayson, just really wonderful indeed.