Saturday, October 15, 2011

it's what we needed to have a good time

That great moment when: 

The girl in your seminary class tells you that you could always grow up to be a nun

There are first time kids in the temple and they are nervous, and the dad baptizing the little boy stops and gives his son a kiss on the forehead.

 You wake up at 2:30 AM and you have a million texts from your best friend reminding you once again that sophomore year was awesome and you used to be decent looking.

Judge Frolo dies in Hunchback.

You can sing along to Hunchback and even remember the Latin parts.

You win the football game.

You look in the mirror after getting your lashes filled. 

When you yell out the windows at runners on the road, and the next day a teacher tells you they "saw" you on their run.

You and Kirsti find out you got Academic All State

You are starving and Ms. Jardine gives you donuts and Sutherland gives you cup of noodles.

You walk down stairs and there is banana bread.

Aaron, Kat and Jake put up with you after the choir concert.

Ben Li tells you that you can throw the garbage can and he will pick up all the garbage.

Steffany walks to you in the drama room, but only follows the edges.

You find cool things at DI.

"That didn't rhyme"

You find out that the weird recording on Jake's phone was actually Jake talking and you wonder what he ever does with his life.

 Iszy wears the awesome marshmallow jacket.

 You start singing "Our Song" with Isz, in the ugliest way possible.

You are 15, 20 minutes late to Musical Theater and you don't get marked tardy.

Eric takes your candids for you.

Macall starts cheering weird on the field and the football player gives her the strangest face.

(I love great moments.)

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  1. ACADEMIC ALL STATE?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??! Excuse me, why did you not tell me this earlier? What?! Mayson!