Sunday, December 30, 2012

gonna party like its 2012

Completed the Yearbook
Went to senior ball with my life long friend, Mike Witham
Graduated High School
Survived working at Vivint with Tyler Hill
Went to Aspen Grove. Twice. With the Huish Fam and my Martinis Fam 
Moved out and started UVU
Was a Big Cat for a day
Went to Vegas to support Mitt Romney
Watched all 5 seasons of Merlin
Spent most of my time with baby Eloise
Survived the end of the Mayan Calendar 
Made some pretty bomb awesome friends
Kept some pretty bomb awesome friendships

It wasn't the best and it wasn't the worst. I had quite a bit of life changes this year and I'm growing to love each and every one of them as they have come. I'm quickly learning that life is a big adventure. So here's to you 2012, thanks for the memories, the people I have shared it with and for helping me grow to the person I have become. 

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