Wednesday, November 7, 2012

turn your back on mother nature

"Whatever happened to the good old 70's? And words like 'groovy, far out, bitchin and peace?'" 
-Timpview 1988 Yearbook

Sometimes I think I was born at the wrong time. I just want to date Jake Ryan from 16 Candles and listen to George Michael all day.  I want to wear bright colors and for some I have convinced myself  1980's Diet Coke would taste exponentially better than a can from 2012.  I wear Chuck Taylor's like nobody else's businesses. Sometimes I dream about meeting Michael Jackson and moon-walking on the moon. For some reason I get along with 40-something-year-olds better than any kid my age. I'm also pretty sure Molly Ringwald would have been my best friend back in the day.

So that's what's up with me. 

 (Only acceptable for the WWW. had I been born 28 years earlier and if they had the WWW. back in the glory days) 

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  1. You are so funny. Bitchin' like it's the 70's.