Saturday, December 31, 2011

oh the days go by so fast

January Highlights
  • Field Trip to SLC
  • Hanging with the gang. (KC, Trent, Christian, Sarah, and myself) 
  • I wanna say Junior Jazz games (That might have been February?) 
  • Basketball games

February Highlights
  • More hanging out with the gang 
  • bought my first iPhone for Valentines day
  • Valentines dance with Trenty 

March Highlights
  • Apparently the Color Fest.
  • Apparently that's it.

April Highlights
  • Getting citations at the Hot Pots with Stuart, Travis, Sarah, Connor and Bryson
  • Spring Break with Travis James Tylerand Sarah Louie Thayne
  • Karaoke with Nicky Boy Gledhill and the beach resort with wardies 
  • Morp with Stuart
  • Prom with Jake

May Highlights
  • Spontaneous half marathon with Dania
  • Les Mis with Nielsen crew and Shazz Matazz Faber
  • Field trip with the Madsters 
  • All nighter with my girls (hiking the y at 5 am, krispy kremes, senior all night party clean-up)
 June Highlights
  • Moving to Maryland
  • Watching a billion movies
  • Calleva
  • DC and Mount Vernon 
  • Travis Pastrana's house

July Highlights
  • Chilling with Becky Miller and Ashley Barney
  • Mountain Biking and HBR 
  • Surprising coming home! 
  • Wicked
  August Highlights
  • Student Gov Camp
  • Football Games 
  • Making up a bunch of crap about high school traditions at Frosh Orientation with Lyd

 September Highlights
  • Cross Country trip to Idaho
  • Beginning of Millie
  • Volleyball Games
  • Hanging out with the E-RIC 
  • Football Games
 October Highlights 
  • Leadership Conference VIPS! 
  • My kick-a assembly for homecoming
  • Homecoming with Travis James Tyler
  • Halloween adventures
  • Going to Eric's family party: games, football, wassel. 

November Highlights
  • Best birthday ever!  18!!
  • Big Booty, yummy food and mafia 
  • 11:11 on 11/11/11 with Dania
  • Experiencing my first yearbook deadline
  • Sadies with Ben 
  • Millie, Millie and more Millie  
December Highlights
  •  Best friend party:dollar store, grey's, things
  • Getting Netflix
  • Christmas! 
  • Awkward moment after awkward moment
A year of change, of hope, of tears, of smiles,  of experiences, of growth. Just another year of life. 
What will 2012 bring?

(Disclaimer, I have been working on this, I was just waiting for December pics, I really didn't just copy Dania. Great minds think alike I suppose) 

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  1. Haha, oh Mayson. How I do love you. And I made it into your year review! My life is now complete.